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Isaac Chikuse grew up in Blantyre, Malawi. Isaac is a graduate of HGIC, an International College in Ghana, and is currently studying Computer Information Systems and Business Administration at Wartburg College. Isaac assists in organizing activities for an International Club on-campus that promotes cultural diversity and integrity. He is also a member of the African Congress, an African students club on campus and mainly assists in organizing its activities and programs as well. Isaac is currently working on a project called Developing Africa in collaboration with his fellow graduates of HGIC, and the Principal of the college which aims at finding and implementing cheap and creative ways of enhancing learning but also serving communities with issues relating to environment. Previously, Isaac volunteered and worked at GemagetsColsulting, a company that provides Technological services in ICT to its community residents but also helps people acquire general ICT skills. Isaac is a cofounder of Wings of the Night Social Venture an idea centered in Peru, which focuses on the attraction of mosquito eating bats to combat malaria working under the Resolution Project and Clinton Global Initiative.