Iman Masmoudi


Iman Masmoudi





Iman Masmoudi is a senior at Harvard University. She grew up in a large Tunisian-American family in Charlotte, North Carolina. After the Arab Spring started in Tunisia, she became dedicated to contributing to the success of democracy in her parents’ home country, which she visited every summer. She founded Munawwara with her sister in order to uplift Tunisian craftswomen and promote their crafts by providing ethical employment making modest and modern fashion inspired by traditional Tunisian design. At Harvard, she started a youth mentorship program, has been active in the leadership of the Harvard Islamic Society, and is writing an honors thesis about how colonialism and modernity have transformed traditional Islamic education using examples from Mauritania, Tunisia, and the Republic of Georgia. In addition to activism, she believes in prayer, family, and loving community as forces with the power to change the world.