Hussein Hassan


Hussein Hassan





Hussein Hassan is  a Public Health Professional with ten years humanitarian and development experience in the Horn of Africa and Middle East. Between 2010 and 2013, Hussein was working in Northern Somalia and developed and then implemented result-driven community development and public health project that had positive impact on the needy communities in Puntland and Somaliland. He contributed to save the lives of thousands of Internally Displaced families who were badly affected by the worst drought in 60 years that hit Somalia in 2011, chronic fighting and limited access to livelihood and employment opportunities.
Having studied Public Health and have been working with different International Organizations, United Nations (UN) Agencies and donors, Hussein got a unique experience and skills in mobilizing resources for sustainable and community-led projects. He has been involved in the development of various Public Health polices and legislations in Somalia that has broadened his prospect. Hussein has outstanding persuasive, management and leadership skills, which combine his interest in working with the community through transparency and accountable approaches. He anticipates bringing changes through the community-led total sanitation initiative in Somalia. Hussein won awards from the well-known Energy Globe Award in three consecutive years.