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Hardik has been a prolific athlete throughout school and college. He is currently studying a dual degree
course with a B. Tech in Computer Science and an MBA in Marketing
at NMIMS University, Mumbai.
With a penchant for policy making, entrepreneurship and food. Having won multiple personality competitions including Mumbai’s largest, Vogue in 2011. His focus and has now shifted towards Business Plan competitions. With a flurry of victories in competitions hosted by various universities and companies. Hardik is also the recipient of The Harvard Diplomacy Award at
Harvard’s WorldMUN 2017 in Montreal. Hardik is also serial Entrepreneur. His first venture, continues to incubate budding artists and facilitate art sales through the internet. His latest social venture, Project Dakshata has developed a unique surface coating that is Mosquito Repellent, Water Proof and Heat Insulating. Project Dakshata, Hardik and the team aim to revolutionize resource efficiency for under resourced communities across the globe through innovative cost effective