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Grace Aguti





Grace Aguti (Uganda) is a MasterCard Foundation Graduate Scholar at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon pursuing a master’s degree in Plant Science. She co-founded Pura Vida, a project focusing on food security by developing an innovative Bamboo Green and dry system ensuring that food is grown during the dry season and dried in the wet season reliably. Grace has a licentiate Degree in Agronomic Engineering from EARTH University in Costa Rica. Her career interests are plant biotechnology, Women and Youth involvement in Agriculture, in addition to Youth Entrepreneurship. She has interned with the Institute of plant biotechnology (IPB) at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, working on crop improvement to build resistance to abiotic factors. She has also worked on the University social impact project (Youth Entrepreneurship) as the project coordinator involving training college students on how to start and implement business plans. Furthermore, she has volunteered with the red cross to teach community-based agriculture and waste recycling.