Getrude Nampeera


Getrude Nampeera





Nampeera Getrude is a female, Agribusiness scholar of Makerere University, Uganda. She is a transformative leader motivated by her passion for the young people, women and children, environment and community growth through sustainable entrepreneurship. She is passionate about community service and has at various occasions volunteered, organized, contributed to and actively participated in give back activities. She’s aspiring to build a career in communication and social entrepreneurship starting with ventures; Delish Foods Uganda and Ignite Women’s Initiative Uganda. She hopes to achieve safety and financial empowerment for 500 women and indirectly employing hundreds of youths in the next 5 years. She greatly believes in the power of team work, commitment and hard work. She excited and comfortable communicating to large audiences and interpersonal interactions with individuals. She enjoys traveling and speaking.