Gerard Ndayishimiye


Gerard Ndayishimiye


Gerard is a Rwandan Resolution Fellow and the co-Founder of Rwanda Youth Initiative for Agricultural Transformation (RYIAT). In December 2017, he graduated from EARTH University in Costa Rica, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Science and Natural Resources Management. Since, he has completed a one-year professional internship at the Alexandre Eco-Dairy Famers in Crescent City, CA through The Ohio State University Exchange program. The skills and practices acquired for sustainable organic animal husbandry will contribute to the agricultural improvement of small-scale farmers through RYIAT and the trainings they deliver.

Between 2019 and 2021, Gerard was running his own agricultural business buying and selling the harvest from rural communities for the Kigali market. He also prototyped one of RYIAT’s project, an urban farm, where small land and limited resources are optimised to increase sustainable agricultural production. Since March, Gerard is interning for One Acre Fund to improve the lives of farmers in Africa and to continue solving the challenges of the agricultural sector, while learning how to run and manage a nonprofit organization.