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Eslam Abo Alhawa is a Syrian Mastercard Foundation Scholar studying Computer Science at the American University of Beirut (AUB). She has extensive experience in working with NGOs, organizations, and community projects. She believes in the importance of volunteerism in giving back and changing her community. She is skilled in communication, adaptation, and critical thinking. She was awarded the Scholars Research Fund at AUB to conduct a research about how extracurricular activities help students to easily integrate within AUB community hence promoting diversity, skills empowerment and academic performance excellence. Eslam also presented Lebanon in model United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia “ESCWA” 2017. She was a panelist at an international conference about “Integration of Syrian Students into Lebanese Higher Education”. Her team won the Social Venture Challenge with EduPass “Education is my passport” that aims to embody adaptive learning system for Syrian refugees through an online application.