Erzhena Badmatsyrenova

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Erzhena Badmatsyrenova





Erzhena is an electrical engineering student in City College of New York.  One of the reasons why she decided to become an engineer was her desire to improve the world and exploring using technology for a clean and sustainable environment.  Area of interests include energy sustainability, clean and renewable energy, global warming, and how technology can help overcome those issues.  She is also interested in leadership and entrepreneurship programs and she works hard towards self-improvement and self-development.  Erzhena believes that you have to be the change you want to see in the world, and if you wish to improve the world around you start from yourself.  Her project “Smart Socket Systems” involves energy related issues and she is very grateful for the opportunity that the Resolution Project has provided. In the near future, energy sustainability will become a huge problem if we do not start producing solutions today.

Erzhena was born and raised in the Siberian part of Russia, in the intersection of Russian and Mongolian cultures; and today she lives and studies in New York City.  This gave her a multicultural insight and a diverse and open-minded view on the issues around the globe.  She hopes to remain engaged in giving to the community in the future and, spending her spare time volunteering around the world, educating the people and help raise more future engineers and leaders.