Ericka Núñez


Ericka Núñez





Ericka is a resilient, multi-faceted, and young woman leader. She is always guided by her faith in God, beginnings, and sense of purpose. At present, she is a civil engineer and English language student. Ericka is known for her commitment to social and education issues, and for her love for music and sports. She is engaged with nationwide education topics since she was 16 years old when she was the student representative at the national level in the National Dialogue for Education, Panama.

The most important things for Ericka are her family, enjoying every moment of her life, being grateful, and always giving her best. She wants to create better opportunities for the most vulnerable people, as education gave to Ericka and her family. Through her professional career and all the projects she is involved in, Ericka hopes to be a tool changing for better Panama and the world.