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Emerson is from Guatemala and studies the degree in International Relations at the Francisco Marroquín University. Emerson is a political activist, with experience in journalism, public relations, and project management. During High School, EmersonstudiedSocial Communication and he did internships on the national TV channel”Guatevisión” in which he learned about political journalism and TV programs focused on youth. In Guatemala, the majority of young people have great apathy and little youth involvement for lack of electoral information, lack of political spaces and corruption. For this reason, Emerson decided to found his organization “Involúcrate” which focuses on creating networks of citizen participation, informing through social media and improving the electoral process through workshops about electoral information in schools and universities, political forums #TuVotoCuenta with presidential candidates for have a vote more informed and internships at the congress so that young people have an experience closer to politics. Also, Emerson is One Young World Peace Ambassador 2019.