Diana Wairimu


Diana Wairimu





Diana Wairimu Njuguna is a Mastercard scholar in her third year, pursuing a Licentiate degree in Agricultural Science at EARTH University. She is on the dean’s Honor list for academic achievement and a chemistry tutor under Professor Cristiano. She is also working on a soil science project which is about evaluating organo-mineral fertilizers pellets.

As a daughter from a humble family background, who knows what hunger is, and some of the problems farmers face to cultivate crops that meet the market demand. Due to that, she decided to focus her life on agriculture. Agriculture being a wide and adverse field she is into soil science, entomology, and plant pathology.

Due to her passion for soil science and plant pathology, Diana is the leader of a work experience in her university whereby she oversees the management of all the types of solid waste produced in the university, and in the case of organic waste, she does normal composting using mountain microorganisms and also does vermicomposting. She believes in closing the cycle of all waste produced especially agricultural waste to take care of the environment and also to return nutrients back to the soil after using its nutrients.

Apart from that project, Diana also will be doing a vermicomposting profit project, together with her teammates sponsored by the Resolution fellowship, all thanks to the great teamwork they had, the love for the environment, the need to offer farmers healthy fertilizers apart from the expensive synthetic fertilizer available in the market and also the need to have clean vicinity and putting themselves in the shoes of the business people who suffer every day in the markets to put food on their table but also succumbing to the bad smells resulting from poor management of organic waste.

She knows that there is no project that works at a go, so she continues to carry out a lot of prototypes, seeking knowledge from her professor advisors and consulting the internet. Apart from that, she also has hobbies such as lifting weights and body workouts, fashion, drawing, and learning Spanish. She is currently looking forward to having an internship from September to December 2021 in the field of plant pathology.