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Dhvani Agrawal is currently pursuing a Bachelors’s in Technology in Mechatronics at NMIMS University, Mumbai. She has a keen interest in Robotics and has won several competitions, one of which being ‘Robotex International 2019- Tallinn’ (2nd Runner up). She is also part of her college’s Robotics team and is a member of the International Society of Automation. 

Dhvani is part of the Rotaract Club and has done a lot of community service during her IB Diploma which has made her extremely passionate about social entrepreneurship. She was also a part of the Organising Committee of Mumbai MUN, one of the largest MUN conferences in Mumbai.  

Apart from doing word searches or playing the guitar in her free time, you will either find her dreaming about traveling the world or learning a language  (she can speak English, French, German, and 3 Indian languages)