Devankar Mukhi


Devankar Mukhi





​​Devankar Mukhi is the founder of Green New Detroit, a  green educational startup that promotes being green on a budget by educating the high school age youth on utilizing DIY methods in reducing one’s carbon footprint, becoming more cost-effective, energy-efficient, and understanding how to acquire and analyze data to develop sustainable solutions such as green kits, community workshops, and mitigation strategies to be more eco-friendly. 


Devankar lives by the motto, “Those who show up, are the ones who change the world.” Devankar, a senior at Wayne State University is working towards his Public Health and Peace & Conflict Studies Degree. Outside of school, he is an active member of his Detroit community, from his involvement with the Rotary Club of Detroit, volunteering with urban agricultural organizations, working on Peace building-related activities, Devankar knows his heart and soul lie in his community.