Daniel Sebugwawo





Daniel Sebugwawo is a 28 year old Ugandan currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies at Cavendish University Uganda. Daniel is passionate about community development and believes women in Africa are the fabric that stitches together a community and that they are a powerful tool that can deliver sustainable community development. Daniel started Suubi Community Development Organization to empower women through tech skills and entrepreneurship so they may become tools of sustainable community development. Suubi Community Development Organization trains girls that have dropped out of school and women in rural communities to take on tech-related carries and use tech to start, and manage, small businesses. Tech and entrepreneurship are male-dominated ventures in Uganda, and Daniel believes Suubi Community Development Organization can use the two to empower women to contribute just as equally and fundamentally to the community as men. Daniel’s goal is to bridge the gender gap, fight gender-based violence and discrimination, as well as family poverty by empowering vulnerable women. An empowered woman is not part of the problem, but a solution to these problems.

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