Dana Sianghio


Dana Sianghio





Dana graduated with Honors from the Ateneo de Manila University as a finalist for the Loyola Schools Leadership and Service Award for the Most Outstanding Individual. She finished with a degree in Management Economics, specializing in Social Entrepreneurship, with minors in French and Development Studies as well. She has experience working in Barefoot Philippines, in tandem with UNICEF where she advocated awareness and action efforts enabling rural communities. Dana is also a scholar in the International Business Program at IESEG Paris. She is a proud co-founder of PAMANA Philippines, a social venture that aims to help subsistent indigenous communities achieve food security through the practice of sustainable agriculture and improved crop selection, irrigation, and solid waste management. Her dream is a Philippines without poverty – achievable by providing equitable economic, social, and political empowerment to every Filipino. Currently, Dana is in the training program at a FinTech company in the Philippines. She is working towards financial inclusion through mobile services in cooperation with the Philippines’ leading telecommunications company.