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Cristina Ramirez




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Cristina is originally from Cumana (Sucre) in Venezuela. She graduated from Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, with a degree in Political Science in 2014. From a very early age, Cristina has been interested in social issues and was a  leader in her high school. She was a member of the delegation of her university at WorldMUN Vancouver 2012, and for her, it was a life changing experience. At WorldMUN, she realized that anyone can become a major agent of change if he/she put his/her mind to it. She also realized the huge influence that people’s behavior play in a country’s development. Cristina has always has great passion and love for her home land of Venezuela and that has driven all the major decisions of her life, including being a part of the team of the venture, “Waste to the Dump.” She currently leads social programs as part of the Directorate of Social Development at City Hall in Sucre, Venezuela.