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In June of 2013 Chazz Sims received his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. He is now a Masters of Engineering candidate in Computer Science at MIT. Throughout his undergraduate career, Chazz worked with a variety of startups in areas such as healthcare, entertainment, even the restaurant industry in Argentina, most often as the sole iOS Developer. After a summer working at Goldman Sachs, Chazz found that he was most passionate about startups and spent the next year as a CODE2040 fellow, working at Rockmelt. Recently, Chazz worked with two other developers to build a game for MIT’s first iOS Games Competition and won a sponsor’s award from Electronic Arts. As one of the founders of Wise Systems, a system developed to encourage safe, open, and secure environments through crime reporting, Chazz now spends most of his time building the platform and volunteering with the on campus ministry Cru. 

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