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Bleck was born on May 21st, 1994 in Tiko- South West Region, Cameroon in a rural community that had so Little to offer. He describes it as a world of the 14th century. Bleck’s family is headed by a single mum, Angeline Masafi, who works as an unskilled laborer for a banana plantation (CDC) located close to their village. Bleck has 3 siblings, all younger, between the ages of 18 and 11. All through out his younger days he has always loved to study, even though this meant his family would go hungry just to send him to school. Bleck’s mom would sacrifice all her savings for his school fees and he worked all through his free time to raise extra money to support himself. His village has 40% of its land covered by government plantations, which employs the locals for cheap labor paying them as much as $0.9 per hour. Most of the locals rely on agriculture as main source of livelihood and as a result, just only 13% of the total population attempt to get educated and only 2.8% ever make it High School and college (2 in every 50 persons). Bleck is one of the 2.8% that succeeded to college and finally University thanks to the MasterCard Foundation. Bleck’s village faces a lot of challenges ranging from high rate of illiteracy, pollution, contaminations, poor waste management, poor health care facility, low standard of living, poor agricultural practices and more, most of which came into place due to ignorance and lack of exposure of sufficient information. Bleck wishes to use his education to change his community and mold the upcoming generation to make a difference. His mission is to use agriculture, the main activity of his home community, to teach others how to better their lives through improving their agricultural skills.