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Barry McKenna hails from rural Central California but has a special place in his heart for metropolitan Boston, enjoying its engaging diversity of people and ideas during his time studying Mechanical Engineering at Harvard College. After graduating in 2014, he began an internship with Cru, a Christian non-profit that provides spiritual mentorship and life skills for college students. His internship has taken him from Boston to South Africa to North Carolina, his most recent assignment being Appalachian State University.

Since graduation, his interest in engineering has far from waned, and his venture provides an opportunity to continue to practice and hone his craft. The beauty of engineering is that it is about finding the best solution, not the perfect solution. And this is the approach that he thinks the world needs to address its problems. The venture that he is with is not offering the perfect solution, it is offering the best solution: the most simple, economical solution that will positively impact people’s lives. Barry would like to thank the The Resolution Project for the opportunity to do just that.