Barikisu Nasiru Zawi


Barikisu Nasiru Zawi





Barikisu Nasiru Zawi, is a Mastercard Foundation Scholar who reads BSc. Geological Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. As someone who is very passionate about learning, she utilizes every opportunity available to her for the maximum benefit of all. She also thrives well in difficult environments. In addition, she is very keen on social ventures that are initiated to make an impact on society. She is a Millennium Fellow (2020) and a member of the Enactus KNUST which are all communities geared towards impacting societies. She also served in the capacity of a project lead for Enactus KNUST in the 2020/ 2021 academic year. Barikisu believes in community development, which includes making society a better, safer, and more exciting place. She is a team player, who likes to contribute to the success of others. She also loves listening to music and watching educational programs.