Arnold Katende


Arnold Katende





Arnold is a leader of change with a deep personal commitment of transforming and improving the lives of families and communities around him.He previously attended Sussex Coast College Hastings in England under the prestigious Pestalozzi UK scholarship. Currently he is aMasterCard Foundation Scholar studying agriculture engineering at EARTH University in Costa Rica. Arnold is the General Manager of PULPITOS; a small business that sells fruit pulps to the EARTH University restaurant.He is the co-founder and operations manager of GenFarm Financial enterprise which empowers small-scale farmers inUganda through financial literacy trainings and access to agricultural inputs and markets.He is also the Founder and CEO of Joint Organic Aquaponics which seeks to improve climate change, hunger, poverty and unsustainable farming methods through growing fish and plants together in constructed ecosystem. His Aquaponics project uses 90% less water, no chemicals and requires less land than conventional agriculture.