Annet Mukamurenzi


Annet Mukamurenzi





Annet Mukamurenzi is a MasterCard Foundation Scholar and a Resolution fellow. She is a Fourth year student at EARTH University in Costa Rica and a candidate for a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Management. Her career interests are start-up businesses, agriculture/food and social entrepreneurship and investment. She is the co-founder and a President at RYIAT-Rwanda which seeks to improve dignity and self-worth of Rwandan rural communities through Agriculture. Founder of WOMEN IN ACTION FOR LIFE which aims at molding Women into best entrepreneur leaders through a livestock production chain which is found in Uganda. Through this initiative she has been able to mentor around 20 young women on starting saving and investing in land and livestock. Annet envisions the world where rural communities will serve as a basket for the world´s end hunger. By empowering rural farmers especially women with smart entrepreneurial agriculture knowledge and environmental protection.