Anne Martine Augustin


Anne Martine Augustin





Anne Martine AUGUSTIN is the Co-founder of Action Toward Initiatives and Volunteering for Education in Haiti (ACTIVEH), a nonprofit organization which aims to harness the passion and potential of students as a force of change for Haiti. Dynamic and highly responsible, she received in 2009 a prestigious HELP scholarship to enter the State University where she studied electronic engineering. In 2011, she attended the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) at Doha, Qatar and worked throughout 2012, on a research project on the theme “Professional Development in Education” for a publication of the Learners’ Voice Program of WISE. She also attended the 11th Youth Assembly at the United Nations where she co-founded the group initiative “Leaners for Haiti” that won a Resolution Project Fellowship. Anne Martine was named Young Female Leader by YWCA Haiti (2013) and one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of 2014 by Haiti’s Junior Chamber International.