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Alex Kyeyune is a 25 year old Ugandan gentleman, a MasterCard scholar at EARTH UNIVERSITY in Costa Rica pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture Engineering.

He is the President and Co-Founder of UNEGA FARM – UGANDA, an innovative business project which aims at improving agriculture value addition in Uganda by introducing, implementing and fostering latest modern sustainable agricultural practices with technology, innovative agribusiness to avert hunger and malnutrition, promote rural/urban development, promote environmental awareness, involvement and networking of youths with stakeholders and interconnecting with goods and services.

He is the president of ECOPULPS S.A since 2015, an Entrepreneurial school project that consists of six (6) members of different countries, which processes, packs and sells natural fruit juice to EARTH University restaurant.

He is a Co-Founder at Pig Production and Marketing Uganda since 2011, an entrepreneurial community based development project aimed at fight rural household poverty through sustainable pig farming in Uganda. He has been working closely with pig farmers and maize growers, helping them produce quality produce and provide market for them. He has been on close research on pig production management techniques, nutrition and disease control measures.