Aisha Nalumansi


Aisha Nalumansi





Aisha Nalumansi is the co-founder of Transformed Achievers Network social project that seeks to empower youth by training their skills in Poultry and providing them soft loans to run independent Poultry farms. She is currently a second-year MasterCard foundation Scholar pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Community Psychology at Makerere University. Aisha is so passionate about social entrepreneurship, empowering young people, and inspiring young people and passionate about the mental health wellbeing of all people. She hopes to create a social impact among young people in her community by helping them realize their full potential despite their backgrounds. Aisha is curious to learn from others and very good at attentive listening. She is so interested in giving back to the community, networking, traveling, and discovering new places and envisions a world where every youth in this world can thrive and succeed and have a meaningful employment opportunity