Ailaina Danielle Aquino





Aina is a curious learner who loves to tell stories.

In the past few years of following her curiosity, she has taken on different hats, from corporate experience to creative storytelling. After graduating from Management Engineering back in 2018, she took on a management trainee role in a big corporation, handling stints in marketing and sales.

She fully embraced uncertainty in 2020 to pursue her interests in holistic learning, community building, and wellbeing, which led to an exploration in the fields of psychology, innovation, and education. Today, she is a life coach, design thinking professor, therapist-in-training, and community builder with a couple of up-and-coming entrepreneurial ideas.

She believes in growing towards a more insightful, intentional, and interconnected world, and is constantly looking for ways to move forward into this vision.

Do you believe in the power of young people to change the world?

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