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Abhinav Khanal

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Abhinav is a social entrepreneur from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Earlham College, where he also served as the Co-President of the Student Government. Abhinav has co-founded a social venture called Bean Voyage that sources locally produced coffee from communities of women farmers in Costa Rica to create greater economic opportunities.

Leadership is a defining factor of Abhinav’s personality, which has assisted him to work on development and leadership initiatives around the world. Most recently, he helped establish a self-sustaining fish farm in rural Nepal to generate employment for local families. He has also conducted leadership training for youth in Costa Rica and Nepal.

As an aspiring policy maker, he has participated in projects to attain a sound knowledge on issues of global importance and contribute towards the public discourse. He worked as a Dayitwa Fellow under the mentorship of Nepali Parliamentarian, Honorable Gagan Thapa, conducting research and organizing dialogues on the sustainable development of Kathmandu city. Abhinav is a passionate debater who has participated in a number of Model United Nations Conferences and other debating championships, all of which has contributed towards his intellectual growth and versatility as a social entrepreneur.