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Abd Al-Rahman Traboulsi is a 4th year Eminence Fellows student studying biomedical engineering at the Ohio State University. Since the Syrian revolution began in 2011, he has been travelling to Turkey to volunteer with UOSSM (Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations). He has worked in Bab Al-Hawwa, the largest field hospital in Northern Syrian and spent his time in refugee camps and psychosocial support clinics in Turkey. Abd Al-Rahman has given a TEDx talk describing the Syrian conflict through his childhood experiences and humanitarian work. Abd Al-Rahman is the current director of an organization he co-founded called Refuge which seeks to empower adolescent refugees in their pursuit of higher education through peer-to-peer mentorship and university immersion. As a devout Muslim, Abd Al-Rahman tries to embody the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad, dedicating his time to others and serving the underprivileged. Those virtues are the driving force for his ultimate goal to become a physician and advocate for refugee communities.