We stand for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Learning (IDEAL)

The Resolution Project is committed to creating and advancing an inclusive, diverse, equitable, accessible, and positive learning environment for our community. 

We continuously practice and weave these principles within Resolution’s culture in order to best support our Fellows. We value these principles as a core strength and an essential element of our mission.

We serve a global community, and we recognize the unique contributions of each country and culture. We welcome open inquiry and inclusion of all voices in these conversations and processes.

At The Resolution Project, we are committed to the following for our entire community, which includes but is not limited to our Fellows, volunteers, staff, partners, and supporters:

We commit to: 

• Striving to identify and provide programs that are accessible, equitable and reflect the diverse voices of our global community.

• Seeking out facilities and partners that value accessibility, equity, and diversity.

• Working to ensure that all of our policies and associated practices are equitable and inclusive.

• Continuously assessing recruiting, selecting, hiring, and advancement practices to retain and develop talented staff, volunteers, Fellows, and organizational leadership from diverse backgrounds.

• Fostering and maintaining space of open dialogue and respect as we work to continuously educate ourselves and learn with our community about the principles of IDEAL (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Learning). We do this in order to build an inclusive organizational culture.

This is part of a continuous effort to strengthen the foundations of The Resolution Project and develop our understanding so that all members of this community (now and in the future) can participate fully in realizing the organization’s mission.

To continue the conversation about Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Learning at Resolution, email ideal@resolutionproject.org.

For more context on why the organization considers this work essential, read this letter from Resolution’s CEO, George Tsiatis.

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