Fatumah Birungi

Fatumah is a Ugandan student pursuing her degree in Agronomic Engineering at EARTH University, Costa Rica. While at Earth, she has worked as a treasurer and productions manager at Forest Paradise, a project company operated by 6 students from 6 different countries of American continent. She also works as a laboratory assistant of Natural Science […]

Alex Kyeyune

Alex Kyeyune is a 25 year old Ugandan gentleman, a MasterCard scholar at EARTH UNIVERSITY in Costa Rica pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture Engineering. He is the President and Co-Founder of UNEGA FARM – UGANDA, an innovative business project which aims at improving agriculture value addition in Uganda by introducing, implementing and fostering latest […]

Camila Olmedo Mendez

Camila is currently pursuing her Economics degree from the University of Texas in Austin. She is one of the ambassadors for Bolivia, her home country, for the One Young World organization, as well as a founding member of a student organization, START Americas Together, dedicated to affiliating the continent through networking, volunteering, and financial sponsorship. […]

Hanifah Hasuri Iskandar

Hanifah Hasuri Iskandar is very honored to receive this kind of prestigious fellowship award through Social Venture Challenge HNMUN 2016. Her project is titled “Coconut PROJECT” which is conducted with her partner from another major, in Indonesia. She is currently studying Biology in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, East Java class of 2017. Apart from being […]

Ekky Hardiyanto

Ekky Hardiyanto was born in Pasuruan, Indonesia in 1995. He is currently majoring in civil engineering department at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Indonesia. He is focused on studying material engineering and transportation systems. He is involved in his lecturer’s research team to find any alternative materials in infrastructure and he is working on the […]

Stefan Raicevic

Stefan was born in Bar, Montenegro and graduated from the local primary and high school. After finishing his first year of high school, Stefan was chosen as a scholar of the U.S. State Department’s Young Leaders Exchange ASMYLE. Through this program, Stefan spent one year in the United States. He graduated in the top 10 of both […]

Moses Surumen

Moses is in his third year at the University of California at Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is also a MasterCard Foundation scholar and plans to work in the African continent after graduate school to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the continent. Born in Kenya, Moses graduated from high school in […]

Fanice Nyatigo

Fanice Mangoja Nyatigo is a Kenyan student at the University of California, Berkeley. She is passionate about health and medicine, and plans to use her bioengineering degree from Berkeley to contribute to the improvement of healthcare in Kenya. Outside class, Fanice is a big lover of adventure and travelling. In addition, she values mentorship and […]

Gabrielle Wimer

Gabrielle Wimer received her BA in the History, Philosophy, and Social Study of Science and Medicine from the University of Chicago with a minor in Human Rights in June 2016. As a student she served as a researcher in the Department of General Internal Medicine and as a researcher for a project looking at the […]

Joyce Lu

Joyce Lu studied Anthropology and Biological Sciences with a specialization in neuroscience at the University of Chicago. She is especially interested in health and science education and making STEM fields accessible at an early age. She has worked with various groups at the planning, development, and teaching phases of education initiatives in a wide range of fields […]