Guide Q&A with Mohit Rauniyar

Please briefly introduce yourself and what led you to the Resolution Project: My name is Mohit Rauniyar from Kathmandu, Nepal. The easiest way to remember my name is to remember the drink – Mojito and omit the ‘O’ in the end. Voilà! I am currently running a non-profit called Canopy Nepal that is working in […]

Fellow Q&A with Daniel Sebugwawo, Founder of Suubi: Women For Development Project

We first met Daniel at the 2018 Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations in New York, where he pitched his venture, Suubi Community Development Project to Resolution judges. Read on to learn all that Daniel has achieved since 2018! Please introduce yourself (name, age, college, country, background)  My name is Daniel Sebugwawo from Uganda. […]

Fellow Q&A with Tiara Taufiq, Co-Founder of Taulan

Tiara first joined the Resolution community after participating in the Harvard National Model United Nations conference in 2021. Read on to hear more about her experiences with the Resolution Fellowship and her venture, Taulan! Please introduce yourself! Hi, my name is Tiara! I am a Resolution Fellow from Class 13. I co-founded Taulan, a social […]

Fellow Feature with Joyline Chepkorir, Founder of Mwangaza Cancer Initiative

About Joyline Joyline Chepkorir received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a minor in health promotion from Michigan State University (Honors College) in 2020. She later worked as a registered nurse in a medical-oncology unit at Sparrow Hospital in Michigan. She is currently pursuing her doctoral study at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing […]

Fellow Q&A with Wahid Hossain and Koshika Krishna, Co-Founders of PathFinder

Wahid and Koshika are longtime Resolution Fellows that have both founded successful ventures, TigerBow and seHER, through the Resolution Fellowship. Now, they are partnering up to launch PathFinder, a new venture aimed at providing entrepreneurship skills to young students in several countries. Read on to learn more about their journey and how the Resolution community […]

Fellow Q&A with Samuel Diaz, Co-Founder of Nutriendo El Futuro

We first met Samuel at the 2018 Harvard National Model United Nations when he first pitched his venture Nutriendo El Futuro to Resolution judges. Four years later, and Nutriendo is now providing nutritious meals to hundreds of children in Caracas, Venezuela. Read on to learn more about Samuel and his mission to improve the quality […]

Fellow Q&A with Ayan Ray and Harshula Jhala, Co-Founders of Tavishi

We first met Ayan and Harshula at the 2020 WorldMUN Social Venture Challenge—one of our very first virtual competitions! Ayan and Harshula first pitched Tavishi to Resolution judges when it was just in the idea stage. A little over one year later, and Tavishi is now a registered nonprofit! Read on to learn more about […]