54th Social Venture Challenge Yields Two New Winners from African Leadership Academy

New York, NY, January 6, 2019 — Two undergraduate social entrepreneurs, Luisa Reyes and Tunde Oyebamiji, have been selected as winners of last week’s Social Venture Challenge at the African Leadership Academy. A collaboration between ALA and The Resolution Project, the Resolution Social Venture Challenge provides a pathway to action for socially responsible young leaders who want to create change that matters.

The winning projects address challenges participants have observed first-hand in their communities, in this case a lack of infrastructure for blood donation in Nigeria and a lack of mentorship for young women in New Brunswick, NJ.

Sisterwork – New Brunswick, NJ USA

Luisa Reyes is launching Sisterwork in New Jersey to inspire young women’s leadership in her community. Utilizing design-thinking, creative expression, and social-emotional learning, Sisterwork will help young women engage with their communities to discover new possibilities, connect with role models, and gain early-career experiences.

Project – Lend an Arm – Ibadan, Nigeria

Tunde Oyebamiji is launching Lend an Arm in Ibadan, Nigeria to build a vibrant community of highly motivated voluntary blood donors and form a sustainable supply chain. These donors, known as ‘heroes,’ will double as educators, debunking misconceptions surrounding  voluntary blood donation in Ibadan.