19 Young Leaders Join Class 10 of the Resolution Fellow Community

Representing ten countries across four continents, these winners of the Social Venture Challenges at Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations and Harvard Model UN, are working on solutions that tackle crucial problems affecting their communities – from menstrual education and destigmatization in Zimbabwe to community kitchens for undernourished Venezuelan children. 

Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations

  • Syed Rizvi is launching baSHAUR in Karachi, Pakistan. baSHAUR (beWise) is an SMS-based tool that will connect women entrepreneurs to financial resources in their area so they will be able to channel their skills and abilities into economic empowerment. 
  • Ilerioluwa Lawal and Oshoke Idornigie are launching Ecodrive Africa in Lagos, Nigeria. Ecodrive Africa will create cleaner, healthier African cities by advocating responsible production and waste management while generating awareness of health risks associated with unclean cities and fostering recycling.
  • Ailaina Danielle Aquino is launching IBA in Manila, Philippines. IBA aims to provide low-income Filipino children with the opportunity to travel and immerse in different cultures through an annual summer camp that promotes the values of solidarity, respect and nationalism.
  • (Ngo Quynh) Vy Thai is lanching MeKong Livelihoods in Vi Thanh, Vietnam. Mekong Livelihoods will carry out advocacy campaigns and a personal development program for 200 low-income female students in Vi Thanh (Mekong Delta) to help young women find their place in society and promote awareness about women’s rights and mail-order bride trading.
  • Nokuzola “Zola” Ncube is launching Our Brother’s Desire in Tsholotsho, Zimbabwe. Our Brother’s Desire is addressing the issue of youth unemployment and illegal migration in Tsholotsho, Zimbabwe by providing youth with the resources to run a successful business using bread- a household staple.  Program participants will learn valuable and transferable skills and the venture is self-sustaining through the bread sales.  
  • Deandre Washington is launching Project Generation in Florida, USA. Project-Generation is a youth operated organization dedicated to give young people multiple platforms to be successful.  Through the venture’s B-Lab and School Assembly Program, program participants will have access to events, programs, explore career opportunities, and build valuable connections in a safe and supportive environment.  
  • Daniel Sebugwawo is launching Suubi Community Development Organization in Mubende, Uganda. Suubi Community Development organization offers ICT and entrepreneurship training to women and girls that have dropped out of school so they can develop the skills to work in tech or start their own businesses.
  • Rutendo Ngwena is lauching The Flow Initiative in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Flow Initiative will provide education about menstruation and reusable sanitary pads for impoverished girls in Zimbabwe.  The educational program will de-sitigmatize the issue of menstruation and will promote the use of a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

Harvard National Model United Nations

  • Niqash Ahmed and Syed Ibrahim Ali Shah are launching Ghar Ka Khana (Homely Cooked Food) in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Ghar Ka Khana is creating a home cooked meal delivery service at their college that will be providing valuable employment opportunities for women in peri-urban Abbottabad.  
  • Kofi Baah is launching Alphabets for Life in Accra, Ghana. Alphabets for Life is an audio assisted reading initiative tailored for public school children in Accra, Ghana.  The venture will stimulate the students’ interest in reading and enhance their vocabulary.
  • Fiona Opoku-Mensah is launching Invert Recycling in Accra, Ghana. Invert recycling is upcycling water bottles and waste in Accra, Ghana.  Fiona and her team are making beautiful artisan crafts that will be sold to sustain and scale the venture.
  • Samuel Diaz and Laura Morey are launching Nutriendo El Futuro in Caracas, Venezuela. Samuel and Laura are creating community run dinning halls in the municipality of El Hatillo of Caracas, Venezuela.  Through their venture, they will provide nutritious and calorie-rich meals for children at risk of malnutrition as well as provide treatment for those with intestinal parasites. 
  • Kwasi Appiah Okrah and Priscilla Wepia Ametame are launching The Adehye Learning Initiative in Accra, Ghana. The Adehye Learning Initiative will provide training and access to equipment for students in rural Ghana with the aim of improving their IT comfort and proficiency. 
  • Adela Almira Hermawan and Salsabilla Annisa Rengganis are launching Vish Diesel in Kenjeran, Indonesia. Vish Diesel will be providing women in a small fishing village with the training and equipment to produce and sell biodiesel extracted from fisheries waste.  The biodiesel will be sold to local small boat fisherman as a more eco-friendly alternative to the fuel that are currently using.

All onboarded Fellows receive seed funding, mentorship, and access to a global network of resources. I hope you’ll join us in welcoming these outstanding new members to our community!