14 Social Entrepreneurs Win 2019 HNMUN Social Venture Challenge

New York, NY, February 24, 2019 — Fourteen undergraduate social entrepreneurs have been selected as winners of the Social Venture Challenge at the Harvard Model United Nations (HNMUN). A collaboration between HNMUN and The Resolution Project, the Resolution Social Venture Challenge provides a pathway to action for socially responsible young leaders who want to create change that matters. 

The winning projects address a variety of issues participants have observed first-hand in their communities, from the prevalence of cholera in Odoi, Ghana, to a lack of quality education in Archipélago Los Roques, Venezuela.

Burden to Save – Agyemang Hunvilla & Horace Claud Allan Odoi, Ghana

Agyemang Hunvilla and Horace Claud Allan are launching Burden to Save in Odoi, Ghana, to curb the incidence of cholera in the Upper West Region of the country by developing a latrine and ventilated pit system which will enable the community to access clean water through a manual mechanized borehole with chlorinated water.

COMPUTER MIND – Prince Annan, Priscilla Ankoh, & Akosua Nyantekyi, Ghana  

Prince Annan, Priscilla Ankoh, and Akosua Nyantekyi are launching Computer Mind in Ghana to improve information communication technology literacy in rural areas by providing students with computer training and familiarity courses.

Match Dey – Gilbert Dzeketey & Ernest Kekeli Awudey, Ghana

Gilbert Dzeketey and Ernest Kekeli Awudey are launching Match Dey in Ghana to ensure young people in rural areas have greater access to and awareness of contraceptive methods. The venture will fund its educational initiative via a request and delivery system for contraceptives on university campuses.

School of Thoughts – Abraham Agoni & George Kissi, Ghana

Abraham Agoni & George Kissi, Ghana Abraham Agoni and George Kissi are launching School of Thoughts in Ghana to bridge the educational gap between urban and rural areas in the country by complementing existing primary education offerings with supplemental problem solving and confidence-building curricula.

SPES – Emmanuella Agyeman Tuffour, & Adowa Agyeman, Ghana

Emmanuella Agyeman Tuffour, & Adowa Agyeman, Ghana Emmanuella Agyeman Tuffour and Adowa Agyeman are launching SPES in Ghana to provide affordable, comfortable, and reusable eye shields for newborns undergoing phototherapy due to jaundice. These efficient eye shields will be provided for cost-price to private hospitals and will be free for public hospitals in Ghana.

E-ROQ (Education Los Roques) – Isabel Gonzalez-Bocco, Bettina Gonzalez, & Aranza Gonzalez, Venezuela        

Isabel Gonzalez-Bocco, Bettina Gonzalez, and Aranza Gonzalez are launching E-ROQ in Venezuela to teach English to young people in Archipélago Los Roques. They will create a system to increase the level of literacy in a community facing limited access to education and develop a workforce to support the island’s tourism industry.