13 New Winners of 2021 Virtual Social Venture Challenge

We are thrilled to announce that thirteen young leaders from six countries have won Resolution’s second annual Virtual Social Venture Challenge! Teams are working on high-impact ventures including vocational training in India, financial empowerment in Ghana, and access to healthcare in Benin, to name a few. 

The winning teams are:

Antara – Ishan Bahalkar (Mumbai, India)

Antara will curate visual-kinesthetic learning kits to enhance the learning experience for students in Mumbai, India. The kits will be distributed for free to low-income communities and sold at a market-competitive price for communities with the means to purchase the kits. 

Coca for Life – Prince Agyei (Ashanti Region, Ghana)

Coca for Life will be running a multifaceted program that will (1) train and employ women and young people to extract potash from cocoa husks to sell to local soft soap producers, and (2) provide financial management and skills training to farmers so that they can make soaps and supplement their income in the off-season. 

FACULTEC – Estela David & Paiva Sipaneque (Maputo, Mozambique)

Drawing on their own experiences, Estela and Paiva founded FACULTEC, an online platform that will help Mozambican students prepare for and navigate the entire university application process for students looking to study outside of Mozambique.  

Farmsens – Abraham Kudiabor & John Kwame (Ashanti Region, Ghana)

FarmSens is a portable soil-testing technology, specially configured using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to measure varying soil parameters, providing farmers with real-time information about the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of their soil with the aim of helping farmers to maximize their crop yield.

Mama Zetu – Enock Kivuyo (Arusha, Tanzania)

Through a dairy farm, Mama Zetu aims to reignite an inclusive community where women can unite, co-create, and provide healthy food options to the local community, as well as earn money to support themselves and their families. 

People’s Institute of Vocational Training (PIVoT) – Harshit Bhavnani (Maharashtra, India)

PIVoT is an online skills development program for low-income job seekers in India that will provide free quality vocational training, provide affordable certification, and get them ready for apprenticeship and employment opportunities.  

Prendelo! Panama – Christian Castro, Celeste Flores, Ericka Nuñez (Panama City, Panama)

Prendelo! Panama will teach ninth-grade Panamanian students critical math skills through developing individualized educational strategies designed to cater to every students’ unique learning style. Prendelo aims to promote learning, fostering socio-emotional intelligence, and help students discover a love of mathematical concepts that surround us in everyday life.

Wonder – Lucien Medjiko & Sybelle Miguel (Abomey-Calavi, Benin)

Wonder is creating an application that will make finding life-saving medication and medical treatments easier and more convenient for Beninese people. WondApp will track the inventories of local pharmacies and blood banks to inform its users about the pricing, availability, and insurances accepted by each healthcare provider in its network, giving beneficiaries a transparent option to find medical resources they need in a shorter amount of time.