Camp Fihavanana
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Sophie, Jessica and Laura are designing a summer camp in Moramanga, Madagascar for Malagasy youth aged 10-15. Camp Fihavanana is a 2-week summer day camp that fills the learning gaps of Malagasy schools, where hands-on, interactive learning opportunities are lacking. Specifically, the camp will use lacrosse, creative arts and group-based discussions to foster leadership and teamwork. Fun activities are followed by facilitated discussions to apply the lessons learned to real-life examples and situations. Students connect their accomplishments and undertakings to past, present, and future community endeavors.

Just as it is a learning opportunity for the students, Camp Fihavanana will provide an international learning opportunity for its staff. Volunteers from Madagascar work in tandem with international volunteers, creating an international community through which lessons of leadership will be practiced and taught. 

Camp Fihavanana's personalized curriculum is based on 5 Pillars: Communication, Individual Leadership, Group Leadership, Problem Solving and Social Justice. Camp activities range from small-group activities and games, to lacrosse matches and drills, to presentations and discussions. Through these activities, the aim is to develop kids as personal leaders, to connect with one another past a surface level, and are better equipped to make good decisions and social change to improve their communities.

The very first pilot camp will be held July 23 - August 13, 2017, in Moramanga, Madagascar.