Backyard Beds
Philadelphia, PA
United States
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Lindsay and Christian co-run the Drexel University Urban Growers program, which taught them the potential of farming in an urban setting.  Christian is great at constructing things and Lindsay was raised on a farm, so the two combined to help install raised beds in a local public garden, creating a farming culture there among the local inhabitants.  This experience – and being asked by residents “can I have one of these beds in my yard” – led these students to create Backyard Beds, which will begin by installing up to 80 raised beds in 40 backyards in a depressed area of Philadelphia that has small single family homes.  Families will be able to grow food (1.24 pounds per foot on average) and the venture will create a buy-back system for excess produce that will result in regular farmers’ markets.  This venture will promote urban greening, access to healthy food, local economic development, empowering families, and enhancing the environment.