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Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs
In January 2017,  4 Resolution Fellows were recognized across two Forbes "30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs" lists for 2017: one featuring Americans and an inaugural list featuring Europeans.  “The Resolution Fellows that were selected represent the broader group of young people that are leading a surging movement of social entrepreneurship as a career choice and an impact driver,” said George M. Tsiatis, CEO & Co-Founder of the Resolution Project. “Congratulations to Annie, Bonnie, Kristina, and Liana on this achievement and recognition!  They are examples of the incredible power of young people to create lasting change in their communities and the world and to be examples of the socially responsible leaders we hope to see in all sectors."
Resolution SVC Winners from our recent Social Venture Challenge at CGI U 2014 were featured in NYU's 'Washington Square News.' To read the full article, please cl
The UWC recognized the accomplishments of Resolution Fellows and SVC Winners who presented at CGI U 2014!
In his weekly Newsday column, Peter Goldmark highlights Resolution and how our Fellows are making a difference around the world.
Oliver Libby, one of Resolution's co-founders, spoke about our wonderful Resolution Fellows with Collectiv
The Huffington Post published a great article today on Resolution Fellow Sahadev Yangmali Rai's work this summer with si