Updates from our global community...
Fast-Growing, Global, Social Sector, Youth Leadership Charity Welcomes Experienced NYC Nonprofit Executive
We’re pleased to announce our SVC Winners from our Social Venture Challenge with the Igniting Innovation Summit.
We are thrilled to welcome our SVC Winners from our first conference with the African Leadership Academy.
We’re proud to welcome the SVC Winners from the Social Venture Challenge with the Youth Assembly at the United Nations to the Resolution family.
We’re thrilled to welcome Dawn Musil, Hayley Gocha, Nora Benson, Hallie Liu, Angelique Ward, Kyle Davis, and Joe McVeen, the SVC Winners from the Semester at Sea Spring 2014 voyage to the Resolution Fellow community. 
We’re excited to welcome Jeffrey Caso, Johan Juul Jensen, Maja Felicia Falkentoft, Muhammad Hadley Aulia, Rasilia Palmi, and Nuriasani Yukendri, the SVC Winners from Harvard WorldMUN 2014 to the Resolution Fellow comm