Water is the fundamental resource for humanity, and ensuring clean, safe, plentiful, reliable, and affordable water sources for all is a core mission for many Resolution Fellows.

Water is the fundamental resource for humanity, and ensuring clean, safe, plentiful, reliable, and affordable water sources for all is a core mission for many Resolution Fellows.

H2O Project

Camila created the H2O Project as a water business that will provide clean drinking water to peri-urban and rural residents of Cochabamba. Camila and her team will purchase water directly from water companies, and then sell the water to residents at an affordable price. The team also will train and empower women in the local communities to manage the business.

The Rainmaker Enterprise

James Thuch Madhier, from South Sudan, is the founder of The Rainmaker Enterprise. Using a solar powered pump and well, James will build a farm with micro drip irrigation to grow livestock feed and collect water. These will then be sold to family farmers in the northwestern city of Wau at modest prices to help them nourish their livestock in the dry season, increase livestock sale prices, and reduce resource scarcity and conflict in the region.


Andy Chen and Leonard Kilekwang co-founded Tecnosafi to communicate information on the prevention of waterborne diseases to residents of Chepareria, Kenya using a text message list-serve. Through the use of mobile device based education, Tecnosafi will decrease incidences of typhoid and cholera, and also increase quality of life and knowledge of disease prevention.

Komaale Initiative

Gervase founded The Komaale Initiative to provide a year-round farming opportunity for vegetable farmers along water-ways in the Wa Municipality of North West Ghana, where the crop-friendly rainy season lasts only four months. Komaale will provide subsistence vegetable farmers with streams of income throughout the year, and create employment opportunities for youth through rice farming.

Gervase Adams

Gervase Adams is a student of Ashesi University College class of 2017, studying BSc in Business Administration. Gervase is passionate about youth empowerment and agriculture. He is from the upper west region of Ghana where his people mostly rely on subsistence rain fed agriculture. He is currently working on the Komaale initiative in his region which is a low cost irrigation farming project for vegetable farmers which aims at improving the incomes of these farmers significantly and reducing the rate at which children drop out of school in his region.

Siku Njema Kesho

Celia Breuer is the founder of Siku Njema Kesho. Siku Njema Kesho's goal is to enhance farming and promote sanitation and health by increasing access to water through the provision of water tanks and training on rainwater harvesting in Nakuru, Kenya.

Celia Breuer

Born and raised in Germany, Celia traveled to Kenya after graduating German high school in 2013. After participating in several volunteer programs in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Celia decided to stay in Kenya without a program. She founded the community-based organization Siku Njema Kesho shortly before moving to the United States to begin her undergraduate studies at the University of California, San Diego.

Well for Wellbeing

Presently, there is no source of clean water is available within the community of Las Macias, Teustepe, Boaco, Nicaragua.  Water from an open well must be carried over a mile to each home, taking time, leaving risk of contamination, and stressing the community and its health and wellness.  Marling and her team will create a well and water pumping system to provide clean, fresh water to each residents' home, combined with a community maintenance program.  This is an innovative approach to in-home plumbing through simple engineering and community engagement.

Marling Garcia

Marling Garcia is a passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic student from Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, WI. She was born in the community of Las Macias, Teustepe, Boaco, Nicaragua. Since she was a child, she experienced the lack of clean, potable water needed to supply the basic needs in her home.  Due to that hardship, she always wanted to have a career and help her community. In 2013, she won a SEED scholarship to study Business Management for two years in the United States.

A Well-Drilling Project In A Community In Haiti

Jean Emmanuel will be bringing a clean water well to a village in Haiti, his native country, and creating a social business owned by the village’s women to operate and maintain the well. The well, to be designed and built with a proven well installer in Haiti, will be situated on land acquired by Jean Emmanuel, which he will grant to a women’s collective trained to manage the well, taking a 10 cent per 4 buckets payment (significantly less expensive than other wells in the area) from users to create a maintenance fund and reinvest in further well deployments in the area.