Access to affordable, safe, and sufficient food is a challenge for billions around the world. Working in communities at home and abroad, Resolution Fellows are developing solutions to address food insecurity.

Access to affordable, safe, and sufficient food is a challenge for billions around the world. Working in communities at home and abroad, Resolution Fellows are developing solutions to address food insecurity.

Afritrove Milling

Munyaradzi Chifetete & Mwangala Simataa co-founded Afritrove Milling in Zambia to provide a local solution for mealie meal production.  Mealie meal is a staple made of maize for which a national monopoly exists—it has pushed down prices for farmers and artificially inflated prices for consumers. The team is using a local approach to source maize from farmers at better prices, to mill it with local millers, and package and distribute it locally as well.

Mwangala Simataa

Mwangala Simataa, a Zambian citizen, is currently a junior at Lafayette College majoring in Economics and Philosophy. Throughout his time at Lafayette College, he has served as a researcher for the Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Project, which is an interdisciplinary team of students and professors that works with distressed communities to find ways to develop and commercialize latent assets. Mwangala is the founder of Lafayette College’s Philosophy Club, a member of the Investment Club, and a student representative on the college’s Student Conduct and Appeals Committee.

Munyaradzi Chifetete

Munyaradzi is an undergraduate student at Lafayette College from Zimbabwe pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He is an active member of the Lafayette chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and ASCE Steel Bridge team. Munyaradzi has interned at United Parcel Service (UPS), in the Industrial Engineering division, and at Mercy Corps, where he assisted with evaluating UNICEF’s Small Towns Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) program in Manicaland, Zimbabwe.

Unega Farm - Uganda

The founders of Unega Farm - Uganda, Alex Kyeyune, Fatumah Birungi, and Paul Mukuye will work to reduce hunger and poverty in local communities in the Wakiso District of Uganda by teaching them sustainable micro garden techniques. The produce grown will improve families’ own nutritional intake, while allowing them to sell any excess to also improve their economic status.


MealFlour is a social enterprise that trains communities with high rates of chronic malnutrition how to build and maintain environmentally sustainable mealworm farms, and how to turn mealworms into a protein-rich powder. The participants in the trainings can incorporate the protein powder into existing local staple foods or sell the powder in local markets and bakeries for an additional source of income. MealFlour currently works in Guatemala, which has the world’s fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition.

Save The Pastoralist Initiative

Lebasha Lucia Epur, founded Save The Pastoralist Initiative to improve the nomadic Turkana community’s way of life through dry land agriculture. Save the Pastoralist will build a demonstration farm where women and children will learn and practice sustainable agricultural techniques, thereby reducing deaths due to hunger and malnutrition, reducing reliance on external food sources, and empowering women through education and economic improvement.

Komaale Initiative

Gervase founded The Komaale Initiative to provide a year-round farming opportunity for vegetable farmers along water-ways in the Wa Municipality of North West Ghana, where the crop-friendly rainy season lasts only four months. Komaale will provide subsistence vegetable farmers with streams of income throughout the year, and create employment opportunities for youth through rice farming.

Gervase Adams

Gervase Adams is a student of Ashesi University College class of 2017, studying BSc in Business Administration. Gervase is passionate about youth empowerment and agriculture. He is from the upper west region of Ghana where his people mostly rely on subsistence rain fed agriculture. He is currently working on the Komaale initiative in his region which is a low cost irrigation farming project for vegetable farmers which aims at improving the incomes of these farmers significantly and reducing the rate at which children drop out of school in his region.

Let’s Grow Healthy

Frida Herrera is the founder of Let’s Grow Healthy, a community gardening initiative designed to decrease childhood obesity and promote healthy eating habits for children in Canoga Park, CA. Frida and her team are working with local schools to build gardens and teach hands-on gardening classes to teach children about nutrition, health, and sustainability. Frida is bringing education and healthy produce to the disadvantaged children of this community, which is classified as a food desert.

The Phalala Youth Empowerment For Food Security

Bantu Mabaso founded The Phalala Youth Empowerment For Food Security to provide youth in her home neighborhood of Phalala, Swaziland with the skills, capital and support they need to run climate resilient agricultural enterprises. This skills-based education and mentorship initiative has the dual goal of empowering youth and combating food shortages caused by a severe drought crisis in the rural community.