School Relief

Suman Kumar & Avishek Sanjel are co-founding School Relief in Nuwakot, Nepal to rebuild schools destroyed by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Students from the first school they will rebuild have been taught under temporary shelters; they will use a ‘Portal Shelter’ modular design that will allow for rapid deployment, use of local materials, safer and earthquake-resistant construction to provide a safer and more lasting solution throughout Nepal.

Avishek Sanjel Chhetri

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, Avishek has grown to realize the health disparity that exists globally in terms of quality healthcare services. Avishek is driven by his passion to bring change to the healthcare sector of Nepal. Avishek is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester studying Biochemistry and International Relations. He plans to pursue an MD-MPH and work with rural communities in Nepal. Currently, with his team, he has started School Relief to rebuild schools that were destroyed during the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

Suman Kumar

Suman is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester in New York, pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business. He has Engineering experience and has worked on several engineering projects in Nepal including earthquake relief project that provided shelters for approximately 26,000 earthquake victims. He previously ran a successful fabrication business where he dealt with several International organizations including the United Nations. 

Unega Farm - Uganda

The founders of Unega Farm - Uganda, Alex Kyeyune, Fatumah Birungi, and Paul Mukuye will work to reduce hunger and poverty in local communities in the Wakiso District of Uganda by teaching them sustainable micro garden techniques. The produce grown will improve families’ own nutritional intake, while allowing them to sell any excess to also improve their economic status.

Coconut Project

Ekky Hardiyanto and Hanifah Hasuri, are the founders of the Coconut Project in Indonesia, a social venture that will create light concrete utilizing discarded coconut husks. Their efforts will increase income for coconut sellers, while also decreasing the harmful effects that cement making has on the environment.

Why Youth?

Why Youth aims to encourage students in Belgrade to recognize the important leadership roles they can play in developing their communities. Stefan and his team will deliver a leadership development curriculum in schools, building students' social skills, awareness, and self-confidence. Why Youth will create strong young leaders who take the initiative in creating positive change.

Stefan Raicevic

Stefan was born in Bar, Montenegro and graduated from the local primary and high school. After finishing his first year of high school, Stefan was chosen as a scholar of the U.S. State Department’s Young Leaders Exchange ASMYLE. Through this program, Stefan spent one year in the United States. He graduated in the top 10 of both his American and native high school and started studying law at the University of Belgrade in September 2014. 


M-Soma is a computer skills training program for Kenyan youth from under-resourced communities and schools. The Fellows aim to increase the number of skilled software engineers/developers in East Africa and enable other career professionals to actively apply technology in their work.

Save The Pastoralist Initiative

Lebasha Lucia Epur, founded Save The Pastoralist Initiative to improve the nomadic Turkana community’s way of life through dry land agriculture. Save the Pastoralist will build a demonstration farm where women and children will learn and practice sustainable agricultural techniques, thereby reducing deaths due to hunger and malnutrition, reducing reliance on external food sources, and empowering women through education and economic improvement.