Community Development

Building tight-knit communities that support each other and grow together is a fundamental element of sustainable development. From healthy family units, to better organized and empowered communities, people are stronger when working together.

Building tight-knit communities that support each other and grow together is a fundamental element of sustainable development. From healthy family units, to better organized and empowered communities, people are stronger when working together.

Write Your Future

Susana Machado is the founder of Write Your Future in São Paulo, Brazil. Write Your Future promotes the development of teenage orphans by addressing the many challenges they face through the support of psychologists. Along with therapy and support, the counselors will assess the children and the children will be provided with workshops to stimulate their different skills and interests so they can move towards career-readiness.

Susana Machado

Susana Machado is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Relations at São Paulo State University (UNESP). Since the age of 13 she takes part in debating events such as the first and second edition of the Harvard Model Congress Latin America. She graduated High School with honors and she attended the Advanced Studies Program in Politics, International Relations and Foundations of Philosophy at Brasenose College, Oxford University. At UNESP, Susana is the Secretary-General of the United Nations Model of São Paulo.


Natalie Stasiewicz is starting IMPaCT in Heidelberg, Germany. IMPaCT is an inclusive music program for teenagers 14-17 from different social and educational backgrounds to learn about music and themselves by writing and creating rap together. This free program will include music therapists and local artists to help students learn to express themselves and discover all that they have in common while also celebrating their differences.

Natalie Stasiewicz

I was born in Hamburg Germany where I grew up. My parents are both from Poland, which gave me the amazing opportunity to grow up bilingual. After graduating from the Gymnasium I decided to move to Heidelberg, where I started studying History and South Asia Studies. During my studies I got the chance to learn many languages and meet incredible young people. One of them is my friend and flatmate Milena. Together we founded our social venture IMPaCT, the Inclusive Music Project. We hope to bring young people from different social- and educational backgrounds together

Joseph Opoku

Joseph has a wide range of experience advancing youth development in Ghana. He worked with the West Africa Civil Society Institute, Opportunity International, Children and Youth in Broadcasting and Springboard Roadshow Foundation, and many others. Joseph is passionate about education and youth development, particularly working to fill gaps within education. He founded the Youth Impact Workshop to help build the capacity of young people in Ghana to design, prototype and implement social enterprises at school and in their communities.

Model City Council

Saje Molato is the founder of Model City Council, a social venture in the Quezon District of the Philippines that will provide local opportunity for students to participate in simulations of city council meetings. Model City Council will engage young people in local discourse, empower them to influence government policy and decision making, and increase their awareness of and leadership on issues that impact them and their local communities.

Afritrove Milling

Munyaradzi Chifetete & Mwangala Simataa co-founded Afritrove Milling in Zambia to provide a local solution for mealie meal production.  Mealie meal is a staple made of maize for which a national monopoly exists—it has pushed down prices for farmers and artificially inflated prices for consumers. The team is using a local approach to source maize from farmers at better prices, to mill it with local millers, and package and distribute it locally as well.

Mwangala Simataa

Mwangala Simataa, a Zambian citizen, is currently a junior at Lafayette College majoring in Economics and Philosophy. Throughout his time at Lafayette College, he has served as a researcher for the Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Project, which is an interdisciplinary team of students and professors that works with distressed communities to find ways to develop and commercialize latent assets. Mwangala is the founder of Lafayette College’s Philosophy Club, a member of the Investment Club, and a student representative on the college’s Student Conduct and Appeals Committee.

Munyaradzi Chifetete

Munyaradzi is an undergraduate student at Lafayette College from Zimbabwe pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He is an active member of the Lafayette chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and ASCE Steel Bridge team. Munyaradzi has interned at United Parcel Service (UPS), in the Industrial Engineering division, and at Mercy Corps, where he assisted with evaluating UNICEF’s Small Towns Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) program in Manicaland, Zimbabwe.